Welcome to A Barefoot Path

You have somehow stumbled upon my own personal barefoot journey through life. Here you will learn that while my childhood closely resembles an episode of a Jerry Springer show, I have somehow managed to become a strong intelligent individual with a sense of humor and the ability to find the positive in any given situation.

     A Barefoot Life came to me one day while looking at the unadorned feet of my youngest grandson.  How perfect and tiny baby feet are. You know what I mean, right!  There is some kind of magic happening in those little chunks of goodness!!!  He is not yet four months old as I write this and those pristine feet have not even touched the ground to hold his own weight in this world.  So it was while gazing lovingly at those sweet feet that the image of him taking his first steps came to me.  His soft pink flesh being lovingly monitored as he learns the steps that will ultimately carry him through life. Those same steps that we have all taken that have led us to the path we’re on today.

      One foot in front of the other, at first wobbly and unsure, then we are free to explore the world and all its wonderful and unexpected places.  As it turns out, even after we have mastered how to run, we often end up in places that we did not imagine and those supple feet grow tougher.  Our first bare footsteps started with the soft touch of carpet in our living room.  Then the silky green grass of the playground.  Who can forget the warm cool sand on the beach or the unforgiving concrete on a sidewalk.  Walking a gravel dirt path while camping or the scorching blacktop of our neighborhood streets.  Those adorable feet lose a little sparkle and gain a great deal of wisdom.

     So it is with these thoughts that I have come to share with you here.  I can only hope that my barefoot path will somehow inspire your own barefoot path.  You’ll read how my first barefoot steps took place at a difficult time.  How I learned to walk through a path with many obstacles. That love appeared in the form of shoes that I didn’t even know I needed and even when I learned about heels, I still found ways to stub my toe.

     And YES! my barefoot references are a metaphor explaining life’s ups and downs. Ultimately, I’ve come to understand that learning to walk leads down paths that I did not plan or even desire to go. The lasting impact of these travels has delivered me to a place I never dreamed possible and has taught me to be comfortable in the knowledge that regardless of where my feet take me, my attitude will always be up to me!  BUT it is a process people!!  So be kind to yourself, and tune in here and read how I walk, stumble and skip down my own path.

I hope you laugh, cry and are truly inspired.  So head back up and CLICK ON BLOG and lets start on this path together.