North Idaho October 11, 2018

Secret Bridge

This morning as my barefoot touched the floor I immediately knew that my sunny days were coming to an end.  North Idaho enjoys all the seasons however summer seems to be the shortest.  A local joke goes that we have nine months of winter and three months of construction.  Certainly some years it does feel that way.  I would imagine it is very difficult for the Idaho Department of Transportation to carry out all of its road construction in such a short period of time.  So, I suppose there is a great deal of truth to this quip.  Regardless, the chill in the air, and obviously my floors, sounds the change to come.

The sun is indeed out today and I find myself getting my bike basket ready for a trip to town.  More importantly I’m off to the library where the internet is far superior than it is in my home.  And as luck would have it, there has been a recent remodel that has far and away exceeded my expectations.  It is larger, has more computers, more sneaky reading alcoves and at least one fireplace. JACKPOT!!  I’ve always been a big fan of the library and my children spent a great deal of time there while growing up. A total gem in my book and I eagerly await its warm quiet atmosphere.

Today I remind myself that this day is what I make it. That those I come in contact with love to see a smile and that smile may make them smile in return.  Winning!!  Today I remind myself that kindness is the key to my soul and that I will never lay my head down with regret when I step forward in kindness throughout my day.  Finally, I remind myself that I can only do me today.  I only have control over how I think, reply and react in any given situation.  This path grows stronger and deeper within me and ultimately becomes a habit.  Practicing kindness not only sees this exercise become more of a routine, but it also expands upon itself for having been successfully applied. This is the truth as I know it!

As I mentioned, I will be out and about today on bike and will meet up with one of my best girlfriends for lunch.  She and I are like-minded on our views of life and I always enjoy her company and conversation served with a heaping side of laughter.

Never underestimate the value of a true friend!

The photo you see above is of a secret bridge found on my hike yesterday.  Who doesn’t love finding something lost!! I wonder how many feet have crossed this bridge?!?!

I’ll post pictures tomorrow of any shenanigans today. Oh please!!  Please let there be shenanigans!!

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