October 22, 2018


Today in North Idaho it is sunny with a high of 61°.  I believe for the next week I can expect the same temperature in my current location in Washington.

It is interesting to be off on a Monday while the majority of the rest of the world is working, or maybe that is just the US.  Regardless, I walked to the store this morning and it was so peaceful and quiet.  The store itself was a little lazy which fit just fine.  I’m guessing the morning shift is probably the least interactive.  Purely speculation on my part.

Today I’m going to stay in and catch up on some day to day chores.  Also, a friend’s granddaughter is coming over around 11:30 so I’ll have company until around 5:00.  This young lady is twelve years old and is very intelligent.  I’m excited to spend time with her and see what the world looks like from her eyes.

Enjoy your day and be open to new possibilities.


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