December 20th, 2018

It is nearly 8:00 in the evening on a rainy night in North Idaho.  Tomorrow is Friday and then I’m spending a quiet weekend in my Little Nest.  The only real plan I have is a long walk with my walking pal and her dog, Samson. I’ll possibly make us both brunch afterwards with a treat for our four legged friend. All in all a most enjoyable plan with warm dry socks and a toasty fire to tie it up!

Today in Cancer Services I was training in the infusion room.  I love to interact with the patients and today I was very excited to share the latest picture of Braxton’s Christmas photos (note his beautiful bare feet!) that his mama took!  I would love to share with you the spark that lights up in a patient’s eyes when they see baby photos!!  They smile and then I smile, and it feels like everything falls away.

Today my hope is that you too can take away someone else’s worry or pain for just a moment.  That you can witness that small simple joy come to life at your own hands!!  My hope for you is to love someone else the best way you know how and that that love reverberates through you~💞


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