December 20th, 2018

It is nearly 8:00 in the evening on a rainy night in North Idaho.  Tomorrow is Friday and then I’m spending a quiet weekend in my Little Nest.  The only real plan I have is a long walk with my walking pal and her dog, Samson. I’ll possibly make us both brunch afterwards with a treat for our four legged friend. All in all a most enjoyable plan with warm dry socks and a toasty fire to tie it up!

Today in Cancer Services I was training in the infusion room.  I love to interact with the patients and today I was very excited to share the latest picture of Braxton’s Christmas photos (note his beautiful bare feet!) that his mama took!  I would love to share with you the spark that lights up in a patient’s eyes when they see baby photos!!  They smile and then I smile, and it feels like everything falls away.

Today my hope is that you too can take away someone else’s worry or pain for just a moment.  That you can witness that small simple joy come to life at your own hands!!  My hope for you is to love someone else the best way you know how and that that love reverberates through you~💞


October 24th, 2018


Today in North Idaho it is sunny with a high of 58°.  I am packed up and back on the road today heading out of Washington and back to North Idaho!  I will be taking a scenic route off of I5 and over to 20 through the Cascades. I’m hoping the weather holds out but I might run up against some fog.

It amazes me sometimes how my perspective can so quickly become tweaked. How a simple road trip can open my eyes and expand my heart. I imagine the lives of the people living in the towns I pass through. Some homes are so remote. What do they do for a living? Did they go to college? Do they work from home? Is there WiFi in these here parts?!?!  “Mow the lawn and find a tractor.”  And then the cities and the obvious loss of connection that the smaller towns can’t help but have.  The beautiful old architecture and massive manufacturing, a zillion shops, restaurants and pubs.  Different strokes for different folks.

How did I land in North Idaho?  Those little feet kept walking, my life had the same direction that all school children had in life.  After I graduated high school I married a man nine years my senior and went to college for stenography. I had my daughter shortly before I received my state CSR license. My mother had moved to North Idaho with her third husband about a year before I passed my exam and invited us to move up too. The area was beautiful so we packed our belongings and we went. My daughter was nine months old when we started life in North Idaho.  I must have sang Somewhere Out There from An American Tail a hundred times. Her favorite song and it kept her attention on the long drive!  The move was a big change. It was a new beginning.  Life was so full of promise and I’ll never regret moving to North Idaho and raising my daughter here.

My daughter has told me several times that she had a great childhood. I can’t begin to tell you the depth of peace that brings me. If I die tomorrow!  If I did nothing worth while with my life but give my daughter a happy childhood then I’m okay with that!! That is the only thing that has ever had my feet solidly placed on the ground. Her happiness was my only true purpose.

So know your purpose and fulfill it. It may take a life time!  It may be more than one thing!  Keep your focus because in the end everything else is just noise.

October 23rd, 2018


Pallet Birdhouse DIY


Today in North Idaho it is sunny and 61 and from what I understand the weather in general has been wonderful for over a week. If you are located in a place where the summer forest fires bring in thick smoke then you will appreciate a few extra weeks of nice weather at the end of the summer in a seasonal area.  The last few years our summers have been downright miserable which is extra difficult when you have only a few months to be out on the lake. It is hard on tourism and local businesses. Also there are many hard working men and women firefighters away from their families and facing danger. Crossing my fingers that next summer is better.

Today I took a moment for a little DIY birdhouse project. I love repurposing pallets and birdhouses are easy, useful and quick.  People always love getting these little birdhouses and what bird doesn’t love a sweet little home!!

Joy comes in small packages! Just the smallest amount of effort can make all the difference.  I’ll give this gift to someone who will then gift me with a smile or a hug in return.

I make my future and so can you!




October 12th, 2018



Today in North Idaho it is sunny with a high of 57°.  I have known it to snow at this time of year so these mild October days seem like an Indian Summer.

When you live in a seasonal area there is a kind of trajectory your life takes as one seasons turns to the next.  Winter is not far off and I’ve noticed that people tend to congregate at the boat ramp as the time draws near to remove your boat.  If your snow shovel gave up the ghost last year you may meet people buying a snow shovel or new gloves at the local hardware store.  If it is time to get your snow gear ready you may run into a similar group at the ski shop where skis are waxed and adjusted or at the local garage buying snow tires.  Everyone is busy bringing in lawn furniture, lawn mowers, cutting back bulbs and arranging for snow removal.  It is a never ending revolving activity in a seasonal area.  There is quality in similarity as we all toil for the expected change in weather.

The city that I live in is a tiny suburb of a small city that is a commonly known tourist destination. So you may think it odd that you wouldn’t constantly run into the same people daily.  Winter brings droves of tourists to a nearby mountain for skiing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing.  There is a vast amount of summer activities as well such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping, etc.  Simply put, it is beautiful here.  Mountains populated with Alder, Aspen, Birch and Firs, just to name a few, several lake beaches, pubs, eateries, wildlife from bear to turkey, a limited crime rate and a genuinely happy local population. Winter and Summer get so busy with tourists that the locals generally avoid town when possible.  This seems a logical explanation for limited contact with your neighbors.  You’re either out exploring with your group of friends or your running into other locals preparing for the next adventure.

I have five siblings.  They all live in California and when we get together it has been common practice that we gather here in Idaho.  Our aim is a yearly reunion and North Idaho is undoubtedly a major departure from my siblings hectic lifestyle.  There is often talk of California’s political intrusion, moratoriums and outrageous taxes.  A vast difference from North Idaho and its known motto, “Welcome to Idaho.  Now slow down.”

My siblings and I share an interesting start in life and so I think it is for this reason we all crave the peace that can be found in this area.  Remember when I commented that my childhood was a Jerry Spring episode?  Well, here is your first tidbit.  My siblings and I all share the same father.  However, there are three mothers between us.  My oldest sibling has a separate mother, then there is my mother, then the youngest four have the same mother.  My mother and my oldest sibling’s mother are sisters.  Both were adopted from different families by a loving catholic family.  The mother of the youngest four was my mother and her sister’s best friend in high school.  My oldest sibling is six moths older than I am and we grew up believing we were cousins.  Talk about skeletons!  I didn’t know about the other four siblings until I was in high school.  I didn’t meet my biological father or the younger four siblings until I was eighteen.  Wow!  That’s a lot to process.  We will come back to that later.

And so I share this tool from my own personal Barefoot toolbox: I battle anxiety regularly and over the years I have actively fought it and sought out new tools in which to fight it. My favorite is a drop of Frankincense oil on a napkin or handkerchief in a Ziploc bag. (sometimes I have to double-bag it)  When I feel that anxiety building up, I pull out my napkin which triggers summer church camp when I was a child.  Playing all day usually in bare feet until happily exhausted.  Falling asleep with a full stomach and wet hair after an evening shower.  The memory of a teepee or cabin in the forest with five other girls who have also collapsed into a deep sleep.  All of those memories bubble up through whatever tries to weigh me down and warms me with a singular contentment that disperses negativity like oil rising through vinegar. True story.

My gift to you is find your scent and keep it handy.

The photo you see above is of a small creek that I was surprised still had a small amount of water in it.  This was near the secret bridge from yesterday.  I love the cattails and fall colors.  Hope you enjoy it as well!

As for yesterday’s shenanigans… I did go out of my way to familiarize myself with the local city bus route.  I road for an hour and got to know the local drop sites!  This makes me giggle and shrug my shoulders.  It was just THAT kind of day and that is where my feet took me!