October 16th, 2018

Bridge WA


Today in North Idaho it is sunny with a high of 59°.  My current location shows a high of 69° and my plan is to get out and explore.  I’ll be making a day trip to Port Townsend and Lake Quinault among other places.  I’ll get a little hiking in and log my steps on my beloved Fitbit.  Of course I will post a picture as part of tomorrow’s blog.

The above photo is of a bridge I discovered while out for a walk yesterday.  This bridge was located off the beaten path and was found accidentally.  I adore these accidents!  Bridges like these inspire me.  Beautiful and secretive they call to me to keep walking until I emerge into the sunshine.  Metaphor?  I think so!  Those first few steps area new and unknown and we have no idea of the structures stability. But we sometimes find ourselves on these bridges and we need to cross however dark and mysterious they seem at the time.  I’ve crossed a few bridges in my life and though I’ve walked in uncertainty and anxiety, I’ve come out a better person for having made the journey.

I suppose life would be pretty boring if I did the same thing the same way all the time.  I do struggle with change regardless.  I like the known elements in life but I also realize that a great deal is out of my control and I sometimes wake up trying to right my path just to find out that the path back is closed.  So I trrrrryyyy to embrace the change.  That is very hard for a person who likes to have a plan.   I try to make choices within the choices I recognize.  Not making a choice is a choice too.  There is an entire group of people who live by the “not making choices” method or make as few decisions as possible.  I mean, they’re alive so there’s that!  Generally though this is not my cup of tea. I like setting goals and making lists and enjoying the feeling of accomplishment.

So today set a goal or make a list.  Something small that you can accomplish today!  Finish all the laundry AND put it away, superglue the handle back on your coffee cup, thin out the kids toy box, bring in the neighbors trash cans!  Then take the written goal that you’ve accomplished and put it in a jar and keep the jar out so that when you walk by it you can get that feel good moment!  Keep adding to it!  Take it out and read all the goals you’ve accomplished if you need a boost.  Read them to your husband or your children or have them start one and continue the positive vibe!!

Keep moving forward!!

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